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Metal processing

Machining of high strength and difficult to machine materials

CNC lathe with a machining area of 800mm diameter x 1000mm length.

Specialize in the machining of high-strength, hardened materials (hard turning).

Machining and non-ferrous metals.

economic production possible from small numbers through interactive control at any time.

saws up to 400mm dia.

Air-conditioned measuring room with a 3D measuring.

CNC lathes with driven tools for providing complete machining of workpieces.

Manual lathes with a working area of 1600mm diameter x 2000mm length.

CNC machining centers and conventional Universal milling machines.

advice, service and flexibility for quality and precision.

Satisfied results arise in dialogue with the customer.

why you should use the knowledge of our staff with technical questions.
Your requirements and wishes are implemented accurately by us based on your technical drawing
or reference to a pattern. Our machinery is geared to the individual needs of our customers. We realize this also at short notice.

Extract from our production of high strength and difficult to machine tools for rolling mills

Mandrels for tube hole in all dimensions

Heatsink: Cold-pressed and then machined