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1900: Construction work in Remscheid-Berghausen

1970: Peter Müller becomes self-employed in Wuppertal-Cronenberg

1974: Establishment of PEMÜ – Gummiverarbeitung GmbH and Peter Müller –

Mechanischer Bertrieb GmbH

1978: Relocation to the current business premises in Remscheid-Berghausen

1990: 20th anniversary of PEMÜ GmbH

From young entrepreneur without any capital to reliable
partner for the industry

- Technically mature enterprise with 24 skilled workers -

It all started in 1970 with an old scrap turning lathe in Wuppertal-Cronenberg. Today, 20 years later, Budapest residents wouldn’t be able to commute in their beloved metro if PEMÜ – Peter Müller Metall- und Gummiverarbeitungs GmbH in Remscheid-Berghausen didn’t exist. Each day, 4 million residents of the Hungarian capital roll over PEMÜ rubber sandwich plates in the metro.

In keeping with the tradition of company anniversaries, one must naturally look back on the company’s origins, and particularly on its location. In 1958, Peter Müller, who heads PEMÜ as Executive Director, completed his lathe operating certification at the age of 18. Ten years later, he had pocketed his master certification as lathe operator and two years after that, in 1970, he went into business for himself with the scrap turning lathe mentioned above. Steady and persistent advancement gradually brought increasing success to the young entrepreneur who had no capital.

1974 was then the hour of birth for the firm PEMÜ as we know it today. At PEMÜ, Peter Müller, who is meanwhile 50 years old, specialised in general metal and rubber goods, with which he has made a name for himself over the past years, both in Germany and abroad. When looking at the firm’s premises in Berghausen, one finds a quirky yet substantial history. PEMÜ is located in an industrial tract from the turn of the century on a site that is approximately 26,000 square meters large. This was once the location of one of the largest filing factories in Europe.

When the premises were taken over, the factory was nearly in ruins. But over time, it blossomed into a smart industrial firm. For 16 years, Peter Müller committed himself to restoring the buildings. Without falling back on funds from various landmark protection budgets or other subsidies, the restoration work was financed solely from the production profits of PEMÜ. In 1978, the buildings and premises were purchased. Old inscriptions in the masonry provide good justification why the company buildings warrant the title “conservation-worthy industrial jewel”. Among other aspects, these point to the fact that the tenth telephone circuit in Remscheid was installed here: “Telephone no.10” can be read there. Particularly mentionable in this context is the old industrial tower at the heart of the site, which shines in new splendour after years of work. It shows the time on all four sides and has become the symbol for Remscheid’s number one flagship, the tool manufacturing industry.

1999: Introduction of the quality management system certified by the Technical

Inspection Agency TÜV SÜD in accordance with ISO 9001:2000

2000: Consolidation of PEMÜ – Gummiverabeitung GmbH and Peter Müller –

Mechanischer Betrieb GmbH into today’s PEMÜ – Peter Müller GmbH

2005: Since 1995, the second generation has been active in the family business with

Marc P. Müller. Following vocational training as a chipping mechanic and obtaining the master craftsman's certificate, he became a state certified business economist in 2003. On 1 January 2005, Marc P. Müller also became Managing Director of the firm.

2008: Introduction of the quality management system certified by the Technical

Inspection Agency in accordance with ISO 9001:2008


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